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           Tecumseh Junior High School

1:1 Microsoft Surface 3 FAQs


1:1 Technology, the Microsoft Surface 3, and Decision Making


What are the technology devices that will be given?

All students in grades 7-8 will receive a Microsoft Surface 3, power cord/charger, keyboard, digital pen, and Urban Armor Gear case.


Why did Tecumseh decide on using the Microsoft Surface 3 as the 1:1 device of choice for students and teachers?

Beginning in the fall of the 2014/15 school year, Tecumseh Junior High School began researching different devices.  The devices that were reviewed were the Apple iPad, Macbook Air, Microsoft Surface, and the Lenovo Laptop.  Tecumseh teachers were given the opportunity to review the devices and provide feedback.  Ultimately, the Microsoft Surface 3 was identified as the device that best supported the guiding principles of the 1:1 initiative.


Has Tecumseh studied other school systems that have implemented a 1:1 environment for several years? Have we asked the hard questions such as, "What would you do differently?”

Yes, several school districts that are currently participating in a 1:1 initiative were visited during the 2014-2015 school year. The devices utilized by these initiatives ranged from iPads, iPods, MacBook Airs, MacBooks, Lenovo tablets, and Windows laptops. There was also discussion with many school systems during attendance at workshops and conferences.  

Microsoft Surface 3 Costs and Protection Plan

The cost of the Microsoft Surface 3 device is funded through textbook rental.  The device is “rented” by a student for a school year similar to “renting” a textbook.  The rental cost essentially equates to 25% of the total device cost.  Textbooks and other instructional materials will still be provided to the student and will be funded by the general fund instead of textbook rental.  The student and his or her family is responsible for maintaining a working device at all times. The student and family shall use reasonable care to ensure that the device is not damaged.  As part of the device rental, accidental damage is typically covered with no additional cost to the parent or student.  Each case will be assessed individually.  In the event of damage not covered by the warranty, LSC will and must charge the student and/or parent/guardian the full cost for repair or replacement, including labor.  Additional insurance, for lost devices, is afforded to parents through an independent vendor outside of the Lafayette School Corporation.


What happens if a Microsoft Surface 3 charging cord, keyboard and/or digital pen is lost, stolen, or damaged?


In the event of loss or theft, the student/parent/guardian should immediately report the loss to the Tech in at Tecumseh to deal with this event.  The Tech can be reached by calling Tecumseh at 765 772 4750 or at

  • LSC staff will file a police report if incident occurs in an LSC facility.
  • If the device is lost, stolen or vandalized while not at an LSC facility, the parent/guardian shall file a police report.
  • The parent/guardian is responsible for the entire cost of replacing the device and peripherals (i.e., case, digital pen, keyboard, etc.) if the device is lost or stolen.



What happens if a student leaves LSC during the school year?

Students will be required to return their assigned Microsoft Surface 3, power cord & charger, keyboard, digital pen and Urban Armor Gear Case. If the Microsoft Surface 3 is found to be in good working order only showing normal wear and tear, nothing else will be needed from the student. Any Microsoft Surface 3 not returned to Tecumseh Junior High School upon leaving will be considered theft and reported to area law enforcement.


Cases & Keyboards


Will students be given a case?

Yes. Tecumseh Junior High School looked at many different cases and chose the Urban Armor Gear case for the Microsoft Surface 3.  Students are not allowed to use their own case.   The assigned case must remain on the Microsoft Surface 3 for protection.  Students are not allowed to change the case for a model that they purchase.  If there is a special situation, please discuss it with building administration.  


Will students be provided with a keyboard?

The device rental includes a Microsoft Type Cover that serves as an attached keyboard with trackpad. 



Is Tecumseh Junior High School going to replace textbooks with digital content?

We are currently in a period of transition from sole dependency on textbooks to a digital environment that allows access to a much greater range of educational materials and experiences. Certain printed textbooks will still be available during this transition period. Over time, we will adopt digital resources to use on the Microsoft Surface 3 across all content areas.  All print texts that we currently own will still be available until they wear out over time and in some cases may be updated to a newer print or digital version.  The Media Center materials will stay in place and the collection of print books will continue to be managed and added to in the same way that they have been in the past.

Microsoft Surface 3 Roll-Out

When will students be issued a Surface 3?


Tecumseh Junior High School students will be receiving their Microsoft Surface 3’s between August 20th and September 4th. All students will receive their Surface 3 device in their math class.  Students will receive training on proper device care and appropriate usage.  Following the training, students will receive their Surface 3 (If the Technology Systems and Device User Agreement has been signed and turned in).


May students take the Microsoft Surface 3 home?

Yes, students should take their Microsoft Surface 3 home.  One of the primary objectives of the 1:1 initiative is to extend instructional opportunities for students.  The Microsoft Surface 3 is a personal device and allows students to store notes, handouts, books, instructional videos, and a large variety of other applications that are designed to help students with mastery of course content and skills. The use of the device outside of school gives students access to all of their materials all the time.  Students are required to bring the devices back to school daily, fully charged, and ready for the day.  


Will students keep the Microsoft Surface 3 during school breaks?

Our goal is for students to be able to keep the Microsoft Surface 3 throughout the entire school year, collecting them at the end of the school year.  


Will the Microsoft Surface 3 belong to the student?

No. The Microsoft Surface 3’s are the property of the Lafayette School Corporation. Students are renting the Microsoft Surface 3 just as the student rents the textbooks that he/she is issued.


Will students be able to take the devices home over the summer?

No. This will allow the devices to be updated, cleaned, and restored to optimal working order.


What happens when new Microsoft Surface models come onto the market?

The current cycle for the Microsoft Surface 3 is four years.  Well before the end of the four-year cycle, new device options will be researched and selected.

Digital Citizenship

How will my son/daughter learn about digital citizenship?

Digital citizenship lessons will be incorporated throughout the 2015-2016 school year. Prior to Tecumseh students receiving their device, they will have to show proficiency in proper digital citizenship behavior.

Does my student have to use Microsoft Surface 3?

Educational resources and content will be delivered via the Microsoft Surface 3.  The Microsoft Surface will also serve as an organizational tool for student notes, assignments, and assessments.  This makes the Microsoft Surface 3 a necessity for every student’s education.  The 1:1 program also brings individual learning to students and provides the ability to “connect” with their peers, their teachers, and the world.


Do we have to have internet access at home?

No.  Students will be able to complete homework assignments at home and turn in their work when they return to school the next day.  However, while not required, internet access at home will assist students in conducting research and collaborating with teachers and classmates outside of the classroom.


If I already have an internet provider at home, will my student be able to use our service with the school’s device?

Yes, provided that you also own a Wi-Fi router.  We will assist students in setting up their devices to switch from the school’s internet access to the internet provider at home.  To protect students, for any Wi-Fi connection that a student connects to, their Microsoft Surface 3 signal will go through LSC safety filter at all times.  We believe this is important to keep our students safe.


How do we access our personal internet via the Microsoft Surface 3 at home?

Verify that Wi-Fi is enabled and that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Tap settings > Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is off, turn it on by tapping the on/off icon.  Available Wi-Fi networks appear under “Choose a network.”  Your network should appear.  You will need to enter the network password or WEP key for your router.


Will my child use the Microsoft Surface 3 in every course?

The Microsoft Surface 3 will be the student’s tool to use at school. We expect that how it is used will vary based on subject area. Each of our teachers will set up an online classroom on Canvas this school year.  Canvas is a learning management system that will allow teachers to post class notes, assignments, administer assessments, etc. The expectation is that the Microsoft Surface 3 will be utilized in all subjects and courses.


What if a student forgets to bring the Microsoft Surface 3 to school?

If students fail to bring their device to school, they are responsible for completing course work as though they had their device with them.  They may get a loaner device for the school day but have to return it at the end of the school day. Students are expected to bring their charged Microsoft Surface 3 to school every day, along with their other instructional materials.  The Microsoft Surface 3 will be cared for and utilized in the same manner as textbooks and materials were in the past.  Appropriate consequences may be issued by the teacher or administrator for failing to be prepared for class.

Device Management

Will my child’s internet traffic be filtered?

The existing web filtering software utilized at Tecumseh will filter all internet usage on the Microsoft Surface 3, both at home and at school. Students will have the ability to connect them to non-school wireless networks and continue to be filtered.


How can I help keep my student safe on the internet while not at school?

Parents can learn more regarding staying safe online through and through this video on their website.


My child participates in an after-school club, activity, or sport.  Who is responsible for the safekeeping of the Microsoft Surface 3?

We highly recommend that students leave their Microsoft Surface 3 in their locked school-assigned lockers when participating in home or away after-school events.  Please do not leave them in an extremely hot or cold car as it may cause damage to the device.


Will Tecumseh Junior High School have its own tech support facility on site?

Tecumseh Junior High School will have an onsite Tech and a Digital Coach to assist with Microsoft Surface 3 integration.  The onsite Tech is able to assist students, parents, and staff with hardware related questions.  This includes device damage and loss.  The Tech can be reached by calling the school at 772-4750 or through email @  The Digital Coach supports students and staff with instructional needs.  Parents with instructional questions should first contact the classroom teacher.  Questions specific to the Surface 3 or Canvas (digital learning management system) can be directed to the Digital Coach by calling 772 4750 or through email @