Fall Sports Awards
Posted on 10/27/2016

Congratulations to the following students that were awarded the Mental Attitude and Sportsmanship Award during the Fall Sports Banquet.

Boys Soccer
Mental Attitude- Matthew Fletcher and Ruben Xique
Sportsmanship- Edwardo Clemente and Jaime Miranda

Girls Soccer
Mental Attitude- Chelee Nash and Danielle Gutierez
Sportsmanship- Jane Sovinski and Hanah Brophy

7th Grade Volleyball
Mental Attitude- Kennedi Harris
Sportsmanship- Hailey Forestal

8th grade Volleyball
Mental Attitude- Brianna Richie
Sportsmanship- Sarah Money

Boys Cross Country
Mental Attitude- Jerry Donahue
Sportsmanship- Luis Ojeda

Girls Cross Country
Mental Attitude- Sydney King
Sportsmanship- Kaiah Bennett

Girls Golf
Mental Attitude- Anna Acher
Sportsmanship- Kelsey Manning

Boys Tennis
Mental Attitude- Aaron Bassileti
Sportsmanship- Drew Kimmerer and Ethan Peutz

7th Grade Football
Mental Attitude- Michael Bryant Holsclaw
Sportsmanship- Armoni Williams

8th Grade Football
Mental Attitude- Jackson Hernandez
Sportsmanship- Jacob Collicott