2021 Tecumseh Co-Ed Cross Country (XC)
Head Coach – Mark Acher [email protected] 775-426-4184
Assist Coach – Lauren Johnson

Cross Country is a sport in which runners compete on a natural terrain course. Courses can be flat or hilly and 
include surfaces such as grass & dirt. The distance we race is 3K (3 kilometers or 1.86 miles). Scoring includes individuals and teams. Teams attempt to accumulate the fewest points (as per each individual’s finishing order) for the top 5 finishers. Races are separated by gender and each race can include many competitors. It is not unusual to see 150 runners on a starting line.

Preparing the runners to complete over this distance requires summer training. We will 
meet at the Jefferson HS Track, using the entrance off of 18th Street. Summer practice times will be 8am - 9:15am. Runners will need to bring a water bottle with them to practice in addition to their running clothes & shoes.
Week 1 Wed, July 7 Friday, July 9
Week 2 Mon, July 12 Wed, July14, Friday, July 16
Week 3 Mon, July 19 Wed, July 21, Friday, July 23
Week 4 Mon, July 26 – Tues, July 27 – Wed, July 28 – Thurs, July 29 – Fri, July 30
Week 5 Mon, Aug 2 – Tues, Aug 3 – Wed, Aug 4 – Thurs, Aug 5 – Fri, Aug 6
No Practice – Monday, Aug 9th - First Day of School – Tuesday, Aug 10th

Once school has started, practices will be immediately after school from 3:30-5pm.
**For Sunnyside students, there will be a bus that departs Sunnyside after school and makes it’s first stop at Tecumseh. This will be the way students can get to practice after school. Students will just need to check in with Sunnyside to determine which bus will be making this stop.


Pre-Participation Physical Exams - Everyone – Every athlete will need to submit an updated physical exam form. A copy of the required form is attached to this email. It will need to be completed by both a parent/guardian as well as a medical professional (ie – family doctor or similar).

Final Forms – www.lafayette-in.finalforms.com

Returning Athletes – All athletes that have competed on a Tecumseh team in the past are required to log into their Final Forms account and complete all the required forms. This needs to be done for every new school year. Parents/guardians of returning Tecumseh athletes will also need to log into their Final Forms account and complete their required forms.
New Athletes – For athletes that have not competed on a Tecumseh team in the past are required to create their own Final Forms accounts and complete the required forms. A parent/guardian for each new Tecumseh team athlete is also required to create a Final Forms account and complete their required forms also.
Participation Fee 

Everyone – Every athlete will need to submit payment for the $40 Tecumseh sports activity fee. This fee is not specific to Cross Country. It is a single fee for the entire school year and allows your Tecumseh athlete to compete in any sport. There will not be a separate fee per sport, just one for the year. Payments can be made through the athlete’s Final Forms account or through Coach Acher. Checks should be made payable to Tecumseh Athletics.