Vision of Excellence

The vision of Tecumseh Junior High School (TJHS) is to create an environment where all students and staff become the best version of themselves each and every day. TJHS partners with school-community stakeholders to provide a safe, supportive, and challenging learning environment for all students. Through meaningful and intentional interactions, TJHS students will gain knowledge and develop the skills necessary to become productive and responsible citizens.


The responsibilities and expectations for TJHS students fall into the categories of behavior, academic, and social/emotional. Behaviorally, TJHS students strive to meet the expectations for student behavior outlined in the Tecumseh Success Traits Behavior Matrix. The Tecumseh Success Traits Behavior Matrix is supported by the following guiding principles: Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Positive, and Do the Right Thing. Academically, TJHS students are expected to demonstrate adequate growth and proficiency on local and state-wide assessments. TJHS students are expected to expand their social and emotional capabilities during their junior high school experience through growth in the following areas: understanding and managing emotions, goal setting, empathy for others, developing positive relationships, and making responsible decisions.


The responsibilities and expectations for TJHS staff members are captured within nine carefully crafted value statements, which provide direction that focuses the daily work of the staff. The TJHS staff:


  • ¨prepares students for high school, college and/or a career.
  • ¨acknowledges and embraces the needs of the Tecumseh student in the moment and beyond.
  • ¨uses instructional time efficiently.
  • ¨extends learning beyond the school walls and school day.
  • ¨develops students to self-advocate and to take ownership of their learning.
  • ¨involves students in literacy; learning is not a passive activity.
  • ¨provides students with a well-rounded education.
  • ¨provides opportunities for extended learning outside of the school day.
  • ¨creates opportunities for positive relationships in the school-community.


    In addition to the stated value statements, the staff at TJHS strives to provide instruction that is both rigorous and sensitive to the diverse needs of the TJHS student body. Each content-specific Professional Learning Community utilizes a teacher-created state standard aligned curriculum map. Curriculum maps outline pacing guides, learning objectives, essential questions, essential vocabulary, resources, and assessments. Students are placed in their Least Restrictive Environment based on needed support in order to achieve academic and social/emotional success. The TJHS Student Services department, in coordination with the TJHS administration, delivers periodic and pertinent social/emotional support to students throughout the school year at the Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III levels.


    The TJHS school-community is supported by numerous partnerships and collaborations. These partnerships and collaborations have enabled the staff at TJHS to build its capacity to support the continuous growth of TJHS students. Below is a list of the various collaborations and partnerships that support the TJHS school-community.

  • Social Emotional Support-Tippecanoe County Youth Services
    • A Youth Liaison is provided to TJHS students through a MOU between Tippecanoe County Youth Services and the Lafayette School Corporation.The Youth Liaison provides Tier II and Tier III social and emotional support to TJHS students.
  • Academic Support-Gear Up Federal Grant managed by Purdue University
    • Funds from the Gear Up grant provide instructional support to Science and Math teachers by assigned instructional tutors to TJHS classroom teachers.The Gear Up funds also support a weekly after school event that focuses on a STEM activity and homework help.
  • Academic Support-Purdue University GK 12
    • Graduate students from Purdue University GK-12 fellows volunteer to serve as "visiting scholars" the GK 12 fellow and the program coordinator work together to integrate research and new instructional approaches into classrooms.Fellows observe the classroom first, then by gradually co-teaching classes work up to teaching the lesson they developed as the primary teacher
  • Mental Health Services-Valley Oaks
    • Individual student case management within the school building.
  • Student Safety-School Resource Officer
    • Position created through a Memorandum of Understanding between the Lafayette School Corporation and the Lafayette Police Department.The School Resource Office works exclusively in the schools and serves as a liaison between the police department and the school corporation.The School Resource Officer serves as the primary law enforcement official that addresses criminal activity within the school.
  • Student Support-United Way of Greater Lafayette
    • Facilitates a guest lecture series in which local professionals meet with TJHS students afterschool.The meetings provide an opportunity for TJHS students to learn more about various professions and to begin to formulate a vision of where they want to end up professionally.
  • Student Support-Junior Achievement
    • Provides financial curriculum to the TJHS FACS teachers.Also provides an opportunity for 8th grade FACS students to participate in a Finance Park financial simulation.

       TJHS also has additional school-wide programs and initiatives that assist with creating an environment where all students and staff become the best version of themselves each and every day.

      • ¨PBIS
        • Common school-wide currency for positive behavior incentives
        • Regular Expectations Workshops for students
        • Student of the Week nominations
        • Quarterly Broncho parties for students that meet behavioral expectations
      • ¨RISE Alternative Education Opportunity
        • Alternative placement for student that are not successful at TJHS
      • ¨Student Success Coordinator
        • Provides targeted support to at-risk students
        • Assists in the coordination of college visits
        • Sponsors student interest groups
      • ¨Staff Wellness Activities
        • Wellness Clinic
        • School representation on the district Health Council
        • Color Run
        • Strut Off Stress staff walking challenge
      • ¨PLC & Team Planning Time
        • PLC time to preview, review, and revise curricular maps and assessments as well as analyze student assessment data
        • Team time to coordinate student/staff expectations and to coordinate intentional support for at-risk students
      • ¨New Teacher Orientation Programming
        • Monthly New Teacher support meetings
      • ¨Modified RISE Teacher Evaluation System
        • Regular feedback provided to teaching staff
      • ¨Math Lab
        • Additional Tier II math support for students in the bottom 25% as identified by the state assessment