Broncho Orchestra Strings!

Broncho Orchestra Strings!

Instructors: Dr. Patrick Murphy, Janet Priest, Margot Marlatt 

Come on in to the Lesson Studio and sharpen your skills!

Keep informed!
Parents and students! You can keep informed through text messages with Remind. This is a service that will provide you with up to date information from ME, Patrick Murphy. Simply text this message @tecumsehj to 81010.

Summer 2017!
May 30 - July 6.
This summer the junior high school students can attend a 7-8 combined orchestra. We will be reading through six or seven new pieces. Each student will get their chance to play music that has more moving parts than they are used to hearing. There will be sectionals where each section gets individual attention. There will be attention to developing each student's technique. That means that items like vibrato, shifting, intonation, dynamics, and phrasing will be taught and developed in a fun atmosphere. We will start Tuesday May 30th and continue until July 6th. There is also the famous pool party at Columbian Park at Tropicanoe Cove! Don't miss the fun and learning!
At Jefferson High School Orchestra Room
10-10:45 am daily.

How does Orchestra work?
Welcome to Orchestra at Lafayette Tecumseh Junior High!
Some of you will meet orchestra 5 days per week. The choir students will meet 2 or 3 days per week depending upon the schedule. Everyday you are expected to have your instrument, music, pencil, paper, and most importantly an “I’ll Try!” attitude. You are also expected to be in the room BEFORE the tardy bell rings. Each of these items will make up your Participation grade for the nine weeks.
Orchestra class will be full of patterns and challenges designed to grow your skills in note reading, bow control, instrument control, fingering, tone development. I want you to sound “AMAZING” and enjoy the process.
Each day you will rehearse music and exercizes that will reinforce your skill development. When you leave each class, you need to be able to say “This is practiceable!” That means you have listened with focus and thought so that you can recreate the exersize or music at home by yourself. Now it will not sound the way that you want, but your mission or job is to repeat the process at home to grow the sound to the point that you are satisfied. This is called practice. Some times this process will take minutes and some time this process will take days and days of work. If you cannot recreate the exersize at home by yourself, then you either need to focus MORE in class, ask questions, schedule Dr. Murphy to a help session or all of the above!
The school web site is a great source for information and lesson help. On the left of the main page there is a link Broncho Music & Clubs, then on the right there is another link Broncho Music, then another link Broncho Orchestra Strings!. This will take you to the Orchestra Web Page. Here you will find many helpful items from schedules, announcements, concerts, and links to lesson videos. The music we are practicing will be demontrated in a video for you for each piece in a practice speed with explanation just like a one on one lesson.
You are always welcome to contact Dr. Murphy either through text 765-426-5964. Or email or calling my cell phone 765-426-5964. Do not let a question go unanswered, ASK!
Need Help?!?
Parents and Students!  There are video lessons of all the current music in the You Tube page.  If that doesn't work, either call or text me 765-426-5964 (Dr. Murphy) to set up a lesson.


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