7th Grade Choir
Instructor: Ms. Marcy Miller & Mr. Cecil Shoemaker   
7th Grade Choir Description
(Displays 8/20/2010)
Ms. Miller and Mr. Shoemaker team teach the seventh grade choirs. Our accompanist is Crys Bazan. The Tecumseh seventh grade choir has four major performances during the year. Attendance is required at all performances. We perform music representing many different musical styles. Our teaching strategies and techniques develop student awareness, confidence, self-discipline, musicianship, and artistic expression. We hope that each student who loves to sing will want to be a member of Tecumseh choirs. Please support your child's particpation by attending their performances and congratulating them on a successful concert.


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7th Grade Choir for 2014/2015
We have approximately 100 singers in Seventh Grade Choir this year. It is a great group to direct! Thanks parents, for your support. Parents are encouraged to sign up for the free app called Remind, which can help you stay informed of your student's musical activities. Our next performance of the year is the annual Tecumseh Pow Wow on Saturday, April 25, at the Richard Jaeger Theatre, 7:00 PM. Tickets are required, and ticket information was distributed on Thursday, March 19. Advance orders for tickets will be accepted only March 30 through April 2. Pow Wow contracts are due by April 10. No student may perform without submitting a completed contract.

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